Introducing NetSquared Memphis, a monthly seminar focusing on topics about technology, digital marketing, and more for nonprofit organizations.

Who is NetSquared?

NetSquared  is a community focused project sponsored  by to help nonprofits understand how to utilize technology to build stronger nonprofits. Host volunteer to bring community training events to their local community and cultivate topics relevant to the host’s geographic community. No two NetSquared Communities are alike.

Does My Nonprofit have to pay for this event?

NO. Absolutely not. What NetSquared and the Host of the event ask is that you participate: give honest feedback and recommend NetSquared Memphis to others in the nonprofit community.  If you have topics related to technology, let the host know and hopefully in future events those topics can be worked into a seminar. NetSquared Memphis hopes the seminars are fun, interactive, and educational.  So RSVP on Meetup!

When are the seminar dates and location?

The tentative dates are every last Thursday of the month. Plans are to hold this seminar at the University of Memphis at the FedEx Institute Room 225. The seminars are 1-2 hour. Please come ready with laptops and note taking materials (pens, papers, organizers).  If you need other materials, the host will try to convey that message via

If I miss a meeting are there additional times and dates for the class?

If you miss a NetSquared session, more than likely the topic will not be covered again. There are so many technology topics that need to be covered, it will be difficult to repeat the session again. However, do not fret. Once the group has been established, we hope to have videos, PDF’s, and e-Courses after the events that are relevant to the topics you missed.  No decision has been made how the content will distributed at this time.

I am a for-profit organization, how can I assist NetSquared Memphis?

Download the flyer below. Let other nonprofits know about this free event. Help promote NetSquared Memphis within the community.

Download NetSquared Memphis Event Flyer

NetSquared Memphis really needs a “brain trust”. The brain trust connects NetSquared Host with relevant community partners who can deliver topics about technology topics.  It may just require an introduction to people in the technology arena.

You may also volunteer to deliver a seminar on a topic you have an expertise. If you want to be a part of the brain trust please contact Jodie.

Free seminar coming up for nonprofits in the Memphis metro area:

Nonprofits are invited to attend this event to learn about what has to offer and how to apply for the Google Ads Grant.  The first three topics are in three parts:

Topic: An Introduction to Techsoup and the Google Ads Grant

Date:Thursday, February 28, 2019
Time: 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Location: University of Memphis Fed Ex Institute of Technology Room 225

RSVP To NetSquared Memphis Nonprofit Technology Group

Hosted by NetSquared & NetSquared Memphis
Co-Host: Jodie Mason -

Jodie provides auditing, restructuring and building PPC campaigns for nonprofits. She focuses on driving awareness to content, events, and important areas of your nonprofit organization's website. In her spare time, she loves baking awesome cookies, reading, and learning new tech topics! What question is she pondering at the moment: Are Hexa- chocolate (5 types of chocolate) chip chunk cookies, too decadent?