Does your Google Ad Grant  Account need an  overhaul? Are you currently suspended? Has cost increased or clicks decreased?

Google Ad  Grant account  compliance requires thoughtful planning and skills. If your nonprofit’s Google ad account is underperforming, contact me  today to get a  quote on optimizing your account.

Google Ad Grant accounts need constant management. An audit can uncover opportunities and weaknesses in your campaigns. Maybe you  have keywords that don’t produce the traffic or leads that you want.

If someone tells you there are only 8 steps to Google Ad Grant campaign optimization, run! Audits require a detailed look into each part of of your Google Ads account. Geo-targeting, viewing historical account information, understanding how your business works, and the goals that are important are the keys to a good audit.

Taking the information from the audit, you can make better decisions about your Search Engine Marketing(SEM) strategy. It’s time to stop wasting money on bad clicks or unproductive ad campaigns.

Contact Jodie today, so we can get started on auditing your Google Ad Grant account.

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