Snazzy Mautic Email Templates Without the hassle of building your own.

Have you worked with an email design for countless hours, only to find the email is not formatted correctly? Was the layout wonky and unresponsive to mobile devices? Well no more bad Mautic templates that don’t reflect your brand or organization.

Get customized Mautic email templates!

  • Beautifully designed emails with various layouts, backgrounds, and customized color palettes.
  • No HTML or coding skills needed. The work is done for you. Just choose a pre-designed email template. Make your payment & download.
  • Email templates have been tested for to provide responsive design in most email clients.
  • Use templates for newsletters, product launches, welcome messages, and more!
  • Compatible with Mautic Drag & Drop Email Builder. Ability to customize backgrounds, remove and add content as needed.
  • Add Your Own Images, Text, Call To Actions.
  • Create beautiful transactional or marketing emails to send to customers .
  • Just upload to your Mautic Instance.

Personalize Emails Templates

Mautic’s platform offers a way to jump into email marketing automation without the high price tag. But maybe you started using the email feature only to realize it’s lacking certain features.

What if you need an email template that can work with only a few simple tweaks, but remain the layout you want?

Get the flexibility you crave from your email templates. You can even upgrade to a customized landing page design with your Mautic Email Template Design.

The default Mautic themes are great. But everyone else uses the same email templates. What’s worse? Standard templates don’t fit your brand.

This is an example of a custom Mautic email template. It has a full width image header, proves a two column layout design, with social media icons to match. This theme only requires you to upload into Mautic. Custom landing pages for this theme can also be created if needed.

Mautic Installation or Upgrade

Don’t have Mautic Installed?

You have come to the right place. Mautic Marketing Automation Software works best with a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with at least 2 Gigabytes (2GB) of Memory.

Along with the price quote, you can opt for a server setup and monthly server management along with the Mautic Installation or you can provide your own configured & managed VPS.

A VPS provides flexibility than shared hosting. Here are a few reasons:

  • It also makes upgrading Mautic easier (without the 500 Internal Errors)
  • Ability to extend with custom plugins.
  • Cron jobs are easy to setup and manage (Mautic requires cron jobs to work).
  • Integrate with a number of Content Management Systems such as WordPress or Matomo Open Source Web Analytics.
  • Schedule daily backups as needed.

Don’t Have Mautic Yet?

Email Marketing Templates - Customized For Mautic

With This Powerful Marketing Automation Tool, Prepared To Be Wowed, Overjoyed, & Amazed!