Learn how your nonprofit can take advantage of $10,000 per month in advertising credits from Google.

Google Ad Grant Services:

  • Account Setup
  • On-going Account Management
  • Driving Cause Related Awareness To Your Nonprofit
  • Set Up of Campaigns To Attract Volunteers
  • Conversion Setup using Google Analytics
  • Google Ad Grant Compliance
  • Google Ad Grant Campaign Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Monthly Performance Reporting
  • Support available via Email (can be escalated to phone)
  • A/B Testing of Ads
  • Accessible Dashboard Reports

What is the Google Ads Grant Program?

Google Ads Grant Program offers nonprofits $10,000 per month in free advertising credits. Most nonprofits with tax exempt status are eligible for the program. However, around April 2019, Google made the application process more strenuous. The Google Ad Grant program also has very strict compliance regulations unlike normal paid accounts.

Google Grant For Nonprofits

Are you confused about Google Ads?

Stop scratching your head wondering how a small to medium nonprofit can compete. Google understood nonprofits marketing challenges, especially the barriers to compete in Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM). They also understood not all nonprofit could afford or successfully utilize Google Ads. That’s were the Google Ad Grant program lowers the barrier to enter Search Engine Marketing.

How to get the Google Ad Grant for nonprofits.
Google Ads for nonprofits

Can Google Ads Grant

Nonprofits are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to digital marketing. Budget constraints, organizational capacity, and training or hiring qualified individuals to manage digital marketing can get expensive. Nonprofits also have the added competition of for profit corporations, who have deeper pockets. Google Ads Grant program could assist with the budgetary constraints of Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing for nonproffits

The challenge faced with most nonprofits is structuring a successful account. You want to promote your programs, events, and donation campaigns. With any marketing platform, there are wrong ways and right ways of building Google Ad Grant campaigns.

If your nonprofit is considering the Google Ads Grant program, but needs assistance, contact me today. I can help apply from your TechSoup validation through ad account management. I make sure your account remains in compliance with Google Ad Grant for nonprofits. I specialize in Google Ad Grants for nonprofits.

Are you a Google Ad Grants Certified Professional?

No. I am not Google Ad Grant Certified. However, I am Google Ad Search and Google Analytics Individually Qualified. I started with Google AdWords in 2011 to promote a small business. Since then, I have dedicated myself to learning more about Search Engine Marketing.

How are fees structured for Google Ad Grant Management?

Fees are structured on an hourly basis for Standard Google Ad Grant accounts. However, for management and maintenance purposes, the minimum time billed per client is 10 hours per month. The per hour charge is $45, so the minimum management fee per month is $450.Advance Google Ad Grant Management is billed at the $45 per additional hour required beyond standard services. Advance services can be provided a la carte.

Expert Google Ad Grant Management requires more advance skill levels (JavaScript, PHP, and other web technologies). It also requires access to your website’s code. Therefore, per hour billing for advance services are $75 per hour.

As your account grows and uses more of the ad grant, the minimum hours will increase. The increase in hours are due to the time it takes to optimize the account, research, and creating ads. For most Google Ad (AdWord) Grant accounts, it takes time to grow the account to a $10,000 ad spend.

Initial Google Ad Grant account setup requires hours of research and planning. The 10 hours per month, include are but not limited to: account/ad/keyword optimization, keyword research, compliance checks, and ad creation, setting up conversion goals with Google Analytics, Tag Manager, monthly reporting.

There is no minimum monthly ad spend minimum with Google Ad Grant accounts. The goal is not ad spend, but conversions for nonprofits.Training can be provided on a per hour basis at a cost of $125 per hour, per person.

Do you offer additional services such as website optimization or Google Tag Manager/Analytics set-up?

Additional services are available to nonprofit clients including:

  • Google Analytics setup and management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Bing Ads Marketing
  • Paid Google Ads account management (full account management –remarketing, search, shopping, etc).
  • Email Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Video editing through 3rd party source

How do you manage Google Ad Grant campaigns on a day-to-day basis? What is the frequency of communication we can expect? What types of reporting and analysis do you provide? Does reporting require an extra fee?

Google Ad Grant campaigns are managed based on several factors including reviewing low performing keywords, ads, or campaigns. Then I determine the reasons the campaign is low performing (or over-performing). Certain reasons may be external to the Adword campaign, such as a news story closely related to the campaign/ad group. Social media trends may also cause increase or decrease in ad performance.Google Ad Grant campaigns may suffer from external factors that effect performance. One of the main issues with campaigns are the landing pages not full search engine optimized. Other factors include but are limited to landing pages that are not keyword specific, too broad in it’s message, don’t not convert users well.

Assessments are done to determine if a Google Ad Grant campaigns is too hyper focused or too broad based. Factors such as location, time, and the other issues.Other internal factors are also reviewed including keyword popularity, Google Ad Grants quality filters, or Google Ads restrictions.

How will I know our organization is successfully utilizing the Google Ad Grant? What information will you share with us to demonstrate this? What tools and insights will be made available to share results with our board?

Nonprofits receive a report with key performance metrics. Google Data Studio dashboards are proved for nonprofits that need to see day to day metrics. The reports can be customized to utilize data from Google Ads (and Analytics with custom integration).

Do you help nonprofits with Google Ad Grant application or just set-up and management of already approved accounts?

Yes, I can assist your nonprofit with the entire Google Ad Grant application process or just a specific portion.
Your nonprofit must meet the eligibility requirements for the Google Ad Grant. That includes a 501 (c)(3) and not on the ineligible nonprofit list. The Google Ad Grant application process also takes much longer for approval. Nonprofits must also:


  • Apply to TechSoup for validation process
  • Apply for Google for Nonprofits
  • Apply for Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits
  • Be approved through the Ad Grants per-qualification process, which includes taking a quiz
  • Complete Initial Account & Campaign setup

What does a successful Google Ad Grant campaign look like? How do you help your clients determine appropriate goals for their Ad Grant account?

Successful Google Ads Grant campaigns drive meaningful actions for your website. Campaigns meet your goals, via key performance indicators, conversions, and driving awareness to your nonprofit organization.

Assessing your current website, I create campaigns based on seasonal and long term goals. For instance, your nonprofit may participate in Giving Tuesday, have multiple events throughout the year, or need to increase awareness of a program. Based on those needs, we determine the goals each campaign should meet.

What technology solutions (such as 3rd party donation platforms) does your agency recommend, rely on or integrate with and why? Do you work with my existing donation platform?

I currently do not have a preference over any third party donation platform. You are free to choose your own platform, so long as it integrates with Google Ad Grant. I am flexible. However, I recommend using a platform that integrates using subdomains and Google Analytics e-Commerce Tracking to get more out of your data. It’s important to be able to measure donation conversions from any platform you choose.

At best the donation platform you choose should have an API so you can do custom integration with your own website. Currently, we offer a partnership with Qgiv.com for our nonprofit clients. I can work with any platform. However, all ads are required to link to your website and not third party donation platforms.

I love open source software. So the first recommendation is always open source were skill to implement, time, and budgets are a factor. I am able to provide other resources or consult on technology needs.

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