Part One: What to Know About Google Ads Grant

This is part one of a  3 part series for Google Ads grant -making sure your nonprofit is ready and account setup ( part 2 & 3).  I plan to upload this as either a video or slide deck later, so please give me some time to it out. But for right now you can

Google Ad Grant Program: Get Your Website Approved

One of the biggest issues for nonprofit approval for the Google Ad  Grant program, is the condition of the organization’s website. If you received a disapproval notice from Google Ads Grant program like the one below, read on. “You submitted a website that cannot be approved in its current state.” or “Your ads lead to


Google Ads Grant: Account Setup and Placing You First Ad: Part 2

If you are preparing to apply for the Google Ads grant program, this video will give you information about the overall account. In this video, I show you how to setup the “expert” mode for Google Ads Grant. This video is not for Google Ads Smart Campaign creation. You will find comprehensive information about setting