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Why Choose a Google Ads Grant Specialist?

A Google Ads Grant Specialist will monitor your account at least monthly. This allows the specialist to determinee if your keywords are truely the best fit for your organization. Part of yy job as the Google Ad Grant Specialist, is to ensure that your campaigns are optimized and are actually providing a meaningful advertising strategy for your nonprofit.

Google Ads Grant $10,000 in free advertising allows you to attract volunteers, promote events, and provide a way for your nonprofit to find individuals to interact with your nonprofit.

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Can a nonprofit make money?

Nonprofits can make money. Read to find out how about some of the most well known nonprofits. An example of the wrong way for a nonprofit to make money is also highlighted.

What Nonprofits Need To Know About Search Engines: People Are The Heart Of It All

Introduction – I wanted to extend the Search Engine Optimization Guide I created for nonprofits. I intentionally left out a ton of information. This podcast goes into the important piece SEO’ers tend to leave out the conversation. People are the heart of search engines. Billions of queries are performed through the largest search engines. But

Why Do Nonprofits Need A Website?

Nonprofits need a website as a part of their marketing strategy. If you exclusively use social media channels, then you don’t own the the site. If a social media platform decides to shutter it doors – Google+- then any content created will probably lost forever. Facebook Changed The Game – It’s Now Pay To Play

Geofencing For Nonprofits: A Guide For Marketing & Non-Marketing

I took a poll on Linkedin about geofencing for nonprofits in the Social Media for Nonprofit Organization group. The survey ran for two weeks to give enough time for people to see and respond. Albeit, only seven people answered the geofencing survey, it gave a tiny bit of insight about the state of geofencing as

Headless WordPress

WP Engine announced Atlas, its new headless WordPress product line. WP Engine’s Atlas is a complete headless WordPress platform, enabling exponentially faster dynamic sites with the flexibility and security that comes with headless solutions. According to Umbraco, two thirds of agencies tasked with developing websites and other digital content platforms use headless content management systems

How To Generate Product Ideas For A Nonprofit

This is a followup to a popular post about e-Commerce for nonprofits. One critical detail was left out, intentionally: product and merchandise idea generation. The following article will outline a few ways to develop your ideas using Pinterest. The challenge yourself to think beyond traditional products to create new value add items for your stakeholders.