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Why Choose a Google Ads Grant Specialist?

A Google Ads Grant Specialist will monitor your account at least monthly. This allows the specialist to determinee if your keywords are truely the best fit for your organization. Part of yy job as the Google Ad Grant Specialist, is to ensure that your campaigns are optimized and are actually providing a meaningful advertising strategy for your nonprofit.

Google Ads Grant $10,000 in free advertising allows you to attract volunteers, promote events, and provide a way for your nonprofit to find individuals to interact with your nonprofit.

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How To Generate Product Ideas For A Nonprofit

This is a followup to a popular post about e-Commerce for nonprofits. One critical detail was left out, intentionally: product and merchandise idea generation. The following article will outline a few ways to develop your ideas using Pinterest. The challenge yourself to think beyond traditional products to create new value add items for your stakeholders.

Microsoft Introduces Clarity Analytics

After many years, Microsoft has finally introduced it’s own version of website analytics. Clarity is a new visual behavior analytics tool that does things different from Google Analytics. So far, I don’t think Microsoft’s Analytics program will compete with Google Analytics. On the contrary, Microsoft Clarity may fill holes that Google Analytics and Matomo leave

Big Brands, Super Bowl 2020, & Cause Related Marketing

Big brands are partnering with national nonprofits to deliver positive women inspired messages. Proctor and Gamble connects with users on many levels: ethnic, cultural, and even causes we care about. This year  P & G ‘s brand Olay + Girls Who Code  have teamed up for an initiative that spans both social media (Twitter) traditional

Pointy -Google Acquisition

Google is in the works to acquired a company called Pointy. Pointy offers a little device that makes getting retailer products online easier. In the past years, there have been several businesses that had the same model. However, the differences between Pointy and the other system were those were software that connected with your Point

On Page Search Engine Optimization – Nonprofits

A Guide To On Page Search Engine Optimization It’s not all about what you see with “on-page optimization”. Web  browsers have nifty tools to help see what’s under the hood of your website. Examine your website’s source code to determine if you have the basic elements setup on your website. Title Tags, Meta Descriptions Meta

Facebook Giving Tuesday Guide For Nonprofits

A few months ago, I wrote a Twitter Guide  for #GivingTuesday for nonprofits.   However, I thought I should give Facebook a closer look too. So let’s jump in!! Attack Giving Tuesday by planning a multi-channel  digital marketing strategy. A multi-channel marketing plan can make a huge impact on the success of a Giving Tuesday campaigns.