Can a nonprofit make money?

Nonprofits can make money. Read to find out how about some of the most well known nonprofits. An example of the wrong way for a nonprofit to make money is also highlighted.

How To Generate Product Ideas For A Nonprofit

This is a followup to a popular post about e-Commerce for nonprofits. One critical detail was left out, intentionally: product and merchandise idea generation. The following article will outline a few ways to develop your ideas using Pinterest. The challenge yourself to think beyond traditional products to create new value add items for your stakeholders.


Pointy -Google Acquisition

Google is in the works to acquired a company called Pointy. Pointy offers a little device that makes getting retailer products online easier. In the past years, there have been several businesses that had the same model. However, the differences between Pointy and the other system were those were software that connected with your Point

eCommerce for Nonprofits: What You Really Need To Know

There are several reasons nonprofits should consider starting an e-commerce store.  One primary reason: sources of funding such as foundations and individual giving are decreasing. A secondary reason: lose of critical funding, which prevents further growth, forces a merge, or shut down altogether. In today’s climate, nonprofits have to  consider various funding mechanisms  for a