Do you want to dig into your Google Analytics data, but don’t know where or how to start? Get the insights you need from your analytics account to improve your digital marketing strategy and improve your nonprofit’s website.

If you need to optimize your nonprofit’s website for fundraising, don’t rely on hunches. You need solid data.  Grow your organization to determine where your e-Commerce conversions are most profitable. Google Analytics can provide that information.

The basic installation of Google Analytics provides a significant amount of information. However, the standard implementation is not that feature rich. You probably don’t know that Google Analytics can be a powerful force for your marketing and content strategy . But here’s the catch:

The standard code lacks some advance features and you need someone who is knowledge about the advance features to get the most out of Google Analytics.

So, move past basic out of the box Google Analytics code to better features.



    • Examples of Data Management

    • Find opportunities to connect with users
    • Monitor other website who have referred traffic to your website
    • Filter bad data from Google Analytics (yes Google Analytics has bad data!)
    • Use custom segments, metrics, and dimensions
    • Track form data and submission (custom events, dimensions, and metrics)
    • Measure your fundraising with Google Analytics eCommerce and Enhanced e-Commerce plugins.
    • Understand social engagement both onsite and with incoming traffic with the Social Media Plugin and customized url tracking.
    • Find out how many people are actually opening those emails with custom code for email campaigns or through integration.
    • Import cost data from other advertising strategies (Bing, AdRoll, and any other affiliate marketing) and from Customer Service Management Platforms (Salesforce, Blackbaud, Accounting programs).
    • Customization & Integration

    • Track downloads, outbound links, video engagement on your site, and so much more.
    • Know exactly what people are searching for by analyzing on site search boxes.
    • Insight and reports allow you to create better content for your website.
    • Improve Search Engine Optimization
    • Monitor Google Ads (paid and Google Ad Grant accounts) with Google Analytics.
    • Find ways to improve Conversion Rate. Optimization your organization’s current advertising spend or content marketing
    • Compliance with HIPPA and other privacy data standards (know what you can and cannot track)
    • Mutlichannel and Omichannel marketing data
    • Open Source Web Analytics Solutions are also available

Nonprofit marketing does not exist in a closed tunnel. Nonprofits need to know where their donors have interacted with the organization’s content, social media platforms, and marketing to measure performance. Return on Ad Spend and Return on Investment are critical when seeking funding sources for marketing.

You get a Google Analytics Individually Qualified specialist to assist your organization breath life into your analytics reporting. Contact, Jodie today!