Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Track the data that matters the most to your nonprofit

No marketing campaign is complete without a way to track data. Google Analytics offers a powerful way to understand which marketing strategy has an increase on your nonprofit’s goals.

Optimizing content, seo, and marketing campaigns by using A/B testing and Google Optimize

Google Optimize

Power A/B testing to create a great User Experience (UX). Analyze why the bounce rate is high. Identify optimal placement for Call To Actions. Explore improving accessibility. Use Google Optimize to test variations of landing pages for marketing campaigns. Couple this amazing data with Google Analytics to drive a better UX design.

Learn How Google Analytic Can Help Create Better UX

Using Google Tag manager & google analytics

Google Tag Manager

Tag Managers offer a flexible way to setup Google Analytics. It also allows for web developers to add custom JavaScript without the need constantly ask for assess to the back end of a website. Google Tag Manager offers one of many options to setup Google Analytics.

Let’s Talk About Setup Options

Analyzing website traffic

Analyze Traffic

Do you want to dig into Google Analytics data, but don’t know where or how to start? Get the insights you need from your analytics account to improve your digital marketing strategy and improve your website.

Measure What Matters Most

The standard Google Analytics tracking code lacks advance features. Rely on someone knowledgeable to capture the most important business data.

Need help setting up google Analytics for ecommerce

Google Analytics – eCommerce

If your nonprofit is thinking about starting an eCommerce store, don’t skip out on the important step of setting up eCommerce Tracking with Google Analytics. eCommerce website analytics data will help you drill down into where your most profitable customers come from.

When you have thirty different marketing campaigns at once, it’s hard to accumulate data from all of those marketing channels into one. Google Analytics allows eCommerce websites to group their omni-channel data into one analytics platform.

Tracking Nonprofit Fundraising Campaigns with Google Analytics

Nonprofit marketing does not exist in a closed tunnel. Nonprofits need to know where their donors have interacted with the organization’s content, social media platforms, and marketing to measure performance. Return on Ad Spend and Return on Investment are critical when seeking funding sources for marketing.

If you need to optimize your nonprofit’s website for fundraising, don’t rely on hunches. You need solid data. Grow your organization to determine where your e-Commerce conversions are most profitable. Google Analytics can provide that information. If your fundraising software does allow you to track your online fundraising efforts with Google Analytics, it’s time to not track

A List of 7 Things You Should Measure with Google Analytics

Here are eight key website items that a nonprofit should track with Google Analytics. This list is just a start.

Customer & Donor LTV

Google Analytics can give you a pretty good idea of how much a donor worth to your business with a metric called lifetime value (LTV).

Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Google Ads has great capabilities to hook with Google Analytics. But, there is extra work required for other SEM campaigns and Google Ad Grant.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Don’t go at influencer marketing alone. Some influencers counts are all fluff and don’t expand your brand or nonprofit. Connect with the right influencers and leave what doesn’t work behind.

Email Marketing Campaigns

You have the user’s email. Now let’s discover why they are not opening those emails. Which email clients are your core users using? Is the email too long? Are the emails formatted to the right email clients?

Google Analytics can help dig through the whys of email marketing. Build better Email Marketing Campaigns.

Social Media Campaigns

Most websites have Like and share buttons. But who’s sharing what, when, and where? Understand social engagement both onsite and with incoming traffic with the Social Media Plugin and customized url tracking.

You have paid Social Media Campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and a ton of other sites. How well do those campaigns drive user interaction on your website and contribute to a nonprofit’s growth and expansion?


There are other conversions that are not ecommerce focused. These micro conversions may lead to a macro-conversion, such as a purchase.

It’s time to capture more data than you know what to do with. It’s my job to wade through and find the best conversion data for your business.

Video/Podcast Engagement

Maybe that video that you created has not gained the traction that you hoped. Rely on better engagement signals to Search Engine Optimize videos and podcacst.

Does the listener drop off at 25%, 50%, or do they watch/listen 100% of the video or podcast? You will never know if you don’t use a website analytics program to track it.

Why SEO & Google Analytics Go Hand in Hand

Search Engine Optimization starts with a base analytics program like Google Analytics. GA has a ton of hidden data for SEO professionals. It’s all about where to look and how to interpret the data.

Google Analytics can be used to monitor the amount of traffic from a link building campaign, learn how your traffic has improved since the beginning of an SEO campaign, and discover opportunities that lead to increase revenue and growth for a business.

Nonprofits can find external websites that are promoting their org the most. How you use the data is key!

Know exactly what people are searching for on your website by analyzing on site search boxes.

SEOs and content writers use insight and reports to create better content for your nonproft’s website.

Google Analytics Certified Specialist

Work with a Google Analytics Individually Qualified Specialist to start tracking your website visitors. Google Analytics 4 offers a ton of out the box features, but is totally different than the Google Analytics classic version.

Track downloads, outbound links, video engagement on your site, and so much more.

Google Search Console & Google Analytics 4

Some features, like the Google Search Console, are not available with GA4 at this time. If you are using GA4, then you must setup Google Search Console separately.

Jodie can help you setup your Google Analytics tracking code on your nonprofit’s website. Google Analytics does not track everything out of the box. You may need to track videos, forms, offline conversions, calls and other business data. let’s breath life into your analytics reports and give them meaning to help drive your business growth!

How can we help your nonprofit?

As a Google Analytics Individually Qualified Specialist, I can work to setup data a variety of online sources. If you need help with Google Analytics, don’t hesitate to contact me today.

Advance Uses of Google Analytics

All the website data in the world means nothing if you don’t segment the data. Google Analytics has the ability to track web form data and more. Track almost anything.

In Google Analytics, measure important surveys with custom dimensions and metrics to garner better user insight. Capturing survey data requires special setup and customization. Capture survey data from a to create better user profiles of your audience. Track everything except HIPPA data and Personal Identifable Information(PII).

Importing Offline Data Into Google Analytics

Import cost data from other advertising strategies (Bing, AdRoll, and any other affiliate marketing) and from Customer Service Management Platforms (Salesforce, Blackbaud, Accounting programs). Get a holistc view of each marketing campaign’s cost compared to the other. It’s about determining how each campaign fits with your business goals.

Matomo - Google Analytics Alternative - Log File Reader

Alternate Options To Google Analytics

Maybe your business cannot use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic. There are several alternative website tracking options available. My favorite analytics program is an open source program called Matomo. Matomo has the same capabilities as Google Analytics. However, some of the features are paid plugins. Matomo is 100% self hosted or you can pay them to host your install.

You also have the option of analyzing your web sever log files. Matomo can read log files, but there is setup work involved. Matomo’ requires Python to read the log files. If you need assistance with this setup let’s discuss your options.