If you are preparing to apply for the Google Ads grant program, this video will give you information about the overall account. In this video, I show you how to setup the “expert” mode for Google Ads Grant. This video is not for Google Ads Smart Campaign creation. You will find comprehensive information about setting up, structuring, and understanding the key compliance issues for the Google Ads Grant program. I also provide slide note at the bottom of this video (I originally created this information as a slide deck).

Nonprofit executives, development coordinators, and any one in charge of marketing your nonprofit organization are encouraged to watch the video to determine if Google Ads Grant expert mode will be a viable option. Google Ads experience offers more flexibility in targeting and ad creation than Google Ads Smart Campaigns (formerly Google Ads Express). However the compliance required to maintain the account requires an understanding of Google Ads & Ads Grant policies.

As of April 2019, Google added two additional steps to the Ads Grant approval process (follow link to read new setup process). The changes are not noted in the video, as the video pre-dates the Google Ads Grant setup changes. The process to setup the account has changed slightly as well.

Now you are required to:

  1. Take a pre-qualification survey
  2. Complete the Ads Grant training survey

Someone within  your nonprofit will take on the on-going responsibility, so make sure the person is well versed in the program policies. Also make weekly monitoring of the account a priority. The account can fall into non-compliance very easily without oversight.

This is part 2 of 3 of the series. Part 3 of the video series will show you the actual account setup process.

It maybe easier to see notes in PDF:

Download PDF Notes

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Jodie Mason, Digital Media Consultant Today’s Presenter &Co-Host Specializing in Google Ads Grant M.P.A. (concentration Non-profit Administration) from University of Memphis, Google Ads Search Certified, Google Analytics Individually Qualified

Google Ads Grant Account Creation

Google Ads vs. Google Ads Express

Google Ad

More control

Requires more time

to manage account

Must meet all of

Google Ads Grant


Offers a more

keyword planning


Better control of

your nonprofit’s


Better geotargeting

Google Ads Express

Automatically managing where and when your ads appear. Pick your audience Write three lines of text about your nonprofit. Set your daily budget. AdWords Express do the rest. Use if you need low something. Low maintenance.

Restrictions on where ads appear:

Ad Grant Accounts only appear in Google Search.

Google Ads Grant accounts cannot use:

Google Ads Search with Partner Network

Youtube Advertising


Google Ads Shopping

Where Will Your Ads Appear?

Prior Account Setup your organization must


-A live website with substantial content. (


-Website must load quickly (see Google Page Speed Test)

-Secured with a SSL certificate (depends on where your web hosting)

-Search Engine Optimized

-Does not have email address already

attached to a Google Ads account

Google Setup Creation Guide


1689506?hl=en&ref_topic=3500132After Account Creation Remember:

1) Submit your account for review:

A. You will need your 10 digit account ID xxx-xxx-xxx (In the top-

right corner of your account. Locate your account ID by clicking

the person icon).

B. Sign into Google for Nonprofits.

C. Select the checkbox for Ad Grants enrollment and submit

your account ID.

D. Your account will be reviewed to make sure it complies with

policies and you’ll receive an email within 10 business days.

2) Never enter billing information

Do not enter credit card details or any other billing information

when creating your Google Ads account for Google Ad Grants. If

you enter credit card information and your campaigns run, you will

be responsible for paying any charges accrued.”

3) Log in at least weekly to check account after campaigns

begin runningGoogle Ads Express Creation How To Guide:

https://support.google.com/grants/answer/6077350?hl=en&ref_topic=3500132Account Structure:

Account ID

Campaign A

A-Ad Group 2

A-Ad Group 1

A-1 Ad-1

A-1 Ad 2

Keyword List A1

-Broad Match

-Broad +Match +Modifier

Phrase Match”

[Exact Match]

Sitelink 2

A2- Ad 1

A2-Ad 1

Keyword List A1

-Broad Match

-Broad Match Modifier

Phrase Match

Exact Match

Sitelink 1

How To Structure and Name Campaigns/ Ad Groups

It depends on who’s managing the account. But make sure campaigns and ad groups are not generic!!!!

Organize campaigns and ad groups based on themes (who ever sets up the account sets the tone for the themes)

Geo- Targeting: Why It Matters

If you do not geo-target your ads, you will be in non-compliance with Google Ads Grant policies

Setting Initial Bid to Manual Cost Per Click (Manual CPC) and not Maximize Bid Strategy (non-compliance)

Max Daily Budget $329 per day -(30.4 average days in a month)

If your organization charges for products or services, your website must describe how your organization uses funds, for example, by disclosing an annual report. No Affiliate Marketing or Commercial Based Links on Website, NO Google AdSense

How To Keyword Research & Keyword Policy:

Pause keywords with a quality score 1 or 2 (create an automated

rule- https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2472779 or video


No single keywords, unless approved by Google or the exclusion list, your own branded words, recognized medical conditions, acronyms – but keywords whitelisted by Google

Must maintain a 5% Click Through Rate (new accounts have 60

days to comply)-setup automated rule

No overly generic keywords – “best videos”, “cool apps”, “e-books”, “today’s news”, “easy yoga”, “download games”, “thingsto do”, “job alert”, or names of other organizations, places, historical events, or people on their own

Your ads, keywords, and website may not make claims that promise results after a consultation, service, or purchase. Claims on your website must cite verifiable references to provide transparency to users. Google is using machine learning and AI tech which means more automation (latent semantic indexing).

Keyword Planning Tools:

Google Ads (Google Ads may suggest keywords, do not use

those unless highly relevant to your content!)

Bing Ads (if you have Bing Ads Account)

SpyFu (paid expensive)

Thesaurus & Dictionary (free, but requires creativity)

Competitive Analysis of other ads

Google Trends & Google Suggest (For Campaign and

Keyword Ideas)

Google Search Console

Google Analytics (tracking your website’s search queries-in

next session)

SEMRush (paid version is expensive)

Call To Action and Sensory Keywords

Google Ads Search Terms Report

Contextual search using social media

Moz.com (Site explorer tool and probably is the best source

to learn about SEO)Keyword Match Types, Long Tail Keywords

Broad Match

Broad +match modifier

Phrase Match Keyword ”

[Exact Match Keyword]

What Are Long Tail Keywords-A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that contains at least three words (though some say two or more is considered long-


Latent Semantic Indexing helps search engines

understand content and context, and determine the

intent behind a user’s search based on the specific

keywords they use.

Quality Scores: What They Are:

1) Based on Landing Page Experience

2) Based on Ad Quality

3)Expected Click Through Rate

How To: Ad Copy

Dynamic KeyWord Insertion

Call To Action Keywords

Structure of a Google Ad

Google Responsive Ads

Dynamic Ads

3 Ways To Setup Conversion Tracking:

1) Google Ads Pixels

2) Google Tag Manager

3) Google Analytics

Requirements! Make Sure Your Nonprofit is Ready For Google Ads Grant!!!

Substantial Content

A 3-5 web site will not cut it!!!!

Publish a blog around what your nonprofit does.

Highlight research around your mission

Make sure you have a statement on your website that your organization is

a 501 c 3 organization.

Make sure Google Analytics is setup on your website

Search engine optimize your organization’s website!

If you sale items, you must have a statement on the website or annual report that states how the sale of products benefit your organization

No affiliate links, 3 rd party commercial websites on the organization’s

website (No Amazon Smile, No Share A Sale, or LinkSynergy)

Must maintain a 5% Click Through Rate on Filter Keywords each month.

You have two months from account approval to get into compliance

No single keywords in ad groups or generic keywords

Keywords with a quality score of 1 or 2 must be paused

Google Ads Grant is not a set it and forget it marketing solution

So What’s Next? How Do We Actually Get The Google Ad Grant?

During the next session, we will discussion conversion tracking and how to

set it up, types of conversions, and how to use Google Analytics to track


Take the time over the next get your approval and begin running ads.

Come up with at least 2 different campaigns:

Not donations, events, ticket sales, volunteer (require conversion


Do some initial keyword research

Do a competitive analysis of local and national non-profits

Spend time reading over regular Google Ads policies

If you get stuck on account creation please use the community support tab

in Google Ads For Nonprofits

Determine if you will be able to maintain the compliance or if you should

use Ads Express

Determine what marketing goals you want to achieve with the Google Ads

grant and what Key Performance Indicators are important to measure

( You will need this for goal setting and conversions)Q & A TIME

1 Minute Community Updates

Next Session:

Google Analytics Conversion Tracking

Google Ads Conversion Tracking

Google Tag Manager for Conversion


What Are Conversions?

How To Setup Google Analytics and

Conversion Tracking

Jodie provides auditing, restructuring and building PPC campaigns for nonprofits. She focuses on driving awareness to content, events, and important areas of your nonprofit organization's website. In her spare time, she loves baking awesome cookies, reading, and learning new tech topics! What question is she pondering at the moment: Are Hexa- chocolate (5 types of chocolate) chip chunk cookies, too decadent?