This is part one of a  3 part series for Google Ads grant -making sure your nonprofit is ready and account setup ( part 2 & 3).  I plan to upload this as either a video or slide deck later, so please give me some time to it out. But for right now you can download the PDF for part one of this series.

The PDF goes over the steps to get Google Ads Grant for Nonprofits.  But also includes a lot of additional information (some slides have notes that are important):

  1. Setting up your account and getting verified as a nonprofit
  2. Accessing the validation token to apply for Google for Nonprofits
  3. Requirements & eligibility for Google for Nonprofits
  4. Understanding where your ads will appear
  5. What’s required for your website
  6. Initial issues with setup, including not entering billing information
  7. Questions to ask to determine if your organization is ready for the program.

First Step: Google Ads Grant

You have both just the slides and slide+notes within the PDF.  If you have questions, contact me at connect{a}


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